Fundația Bosch România becomes sponsor of Boovie 2022

There is always room for improvement when it comes to the educational system. And yet, all too often, much of the energy is diverted to find the responsible when things don’t work out. Or simply “we can’t, there is nothing to be done” seems to be the most convenient explanation. Therefore, we will always support initiatives that propose different solutions to problems, shortcomings that seem unresolved. Boovie, a book trail festival, has become a real phenomenon, motivating students to (re) discover the pleasure of reading.

Started as a class project in 2015 at the initiative of Carmen Ion, teacher at the Pedagogical College “Spiru Haret” in Focșani, Boovie has now the status of an international festival, being also the largest extracurricular event in Romania.

We are excited to support the 7th edition of the Boovie 2022 Book-Trailer Contest. Boovie gives high school and high school students the chance to take on the roles of involved and aware readers, actors, screenwriters, directors or cameramen, in order to create connections and challenge participants to push their imagination in a modern way. In 2021, out of 230 teams initially registered, 161 completed the trailer, i.e. about 1,000 people. During the Festival organized in Focșani, 90 teams were present.