Our mission is to create social change for the future.

In our initiatives and projects we continuously address social challenges, joining forces with other relevant actors and pooling resources together.

Areas of involvement


We believe that education has an essential role in shaping present and future generations. Our vision is that education must be the sole concern of Romanian students, so as to reach their full potential.

Official statistics on school dropout, functional illiteracy, school inclusion and poor quality of the educational act indicate that education in Romania is not ready to fully meet the needs of students.

The poor infrastructure of schools and the lack of modern technology are few of the problems faced by the Romanian education system.  And thus, given the gaps and shortcomings, the educational act can no longer represent the only concern of Romanian students.

Fundatia Bosch Romania’s role in changing the educational system

  • Improving the educational act and its quality by supporting formal and non-formal education projects
  • Supporting projects dedicated to the education of children from disadvantaged areas
  • Students’ access to education anchored in the current reality and adapted for the future
  • Optimizing the school infrastructure by renovating and equipping schools accordingly

Through the umbrella Program EduCare, Fundatia Bosch Romania supports sustainable initiatives in the field of education with a focus on guaranteeing and improving access to education, as well as preparing and developing education for the future.

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We take care of the most vulnerable among us.  We believe in a functioning society, whose social groups support each other and are aware that they need mutual help.  We want to generate positive changes in society and invest in current and future generations.

We are based on our formation, as a society, on the heritage and history passed down from generation to generation, which is why we are actively involved in preserving and revitalizing the national heritage.

Our focus in this area:

  • Improving the living conditions of children, young people, families and elderly people in need or difficulty
  • Supporting social centers for children, young people and the elderly to provide decent living conditions
  • Preserving and protecting the national heritage

Through the umbrella Program EduCare, Fundatia Bosch Romania supports initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for children without parental care and who live in public or private residential institutions.

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Life expectancy in Romania is among the lowest in Europe, and the COVID-19 pandemic has reversed some of the progress made since 2000.  Services and public health suffer, in a health system that currently relies heavily on hospital care.  The lack of health workforce, the inability of the system to provide modern treatments and the high costs they entail are key barriers to accessing healthcare. Fundația Bosch Romania aims to support programs dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable people, people from disadvantaged backgrounds and the large population. 

We focus on:

  • Supporting health education programs
  • Supporting projects, missions and programs dedicated to patients with various conditions and those with reduced financial possibilities

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Living conditions have an essential impact on the quality of life and influence us in all its aspects.  Access to adequate housing must be regarded as a fundamental right, as it is a necessary condition for access to and exercise of other fundamental rights.  We aim to contribute to the improvement of housing conditions through programs dedicated especially to those living in public or private residential institutions.  We invest resources to make these institutions safe and suitable for the needs of children, young people and the elderly.

 Our focus:

  • Renovating social centres, nursing homes and other institutions
  • Supporting communities in the event of disasters  
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Protecting the environment is a constant concern for us. 88% of Romanians believe that the environment has a direct impact on their life quality and consider reducing pollution to be the biggest challenge of the 21 centuries. According to WHO studies, Romania’s air quality is considered moderately unsafe, and the 2021 Greenpeace report shows that Romania is the 15 most polluted country in Europe.   We want to build a healthy climate together and we are dedicated to developing a future proper to a healthy life for each of us.  Caring for the environment means caring for future generations.

Our focus in this area of involvement:

  • Supporting educational programs in the field of environmental protection
  • Greening communities together: afforestation campaigns, greening and recycling actions
  • Supporting initiatives dedicated to wildlife conservation
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Emergency response

Some of our resources are for emergency responses. We will try to react promptly and giving priority to the needs of those affected by these situations and not to our need to get involved, to respond based on strong emotions.  We will partner with relevant actors who have the necessary expertise to act in these emergency situations to mitigate their impact.  We will also support long-term interventions in response to emergencies as the effect of disasters and humanitarian crises will last for a long time. 

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