We believe that education has an essential role in shaping present and future generations. Our vision is that education must be the sole concern of Romanian students, so as to reach their full potential.

Official statistics on school dropout, functional illiteracy, school inclusion and poor quality of the educational act indicate that education in Romania is not ready to fully meet the needs of students.

The poor infrastructure of schools and the lack of modern technology are few of the problems faced by the Romanian education system.  And thus, given the gaps and shortcomings, the educational act can no longer represent the only concern of Romanian students.

Fundatia Bosch Romania’s role in changing the educational system

  • Improving the educational act and its quality by supporting formal and non-formal education projects
  • Supporting projects dedicated to the education of children from disadvantaged areas
  • Students’ access to education anchored in the current reality and adapted for the future
  • Optimizing the school infrastructure by renovating and equipping schools accordingly

Through the umbrella Program EduCare, Fundatia Bosch Romania supports sustainable initiatives in the field of education with a focus on guaranteeing and improving access to education, as well as preparing and developing education for the future.