Story Explorers – An immersive underwater experience

Fundația Bosch and the team of storytellers #AfostOdata invite all visitors to the “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History to enjoy an immersive underwater experience centered on the stories of the explorers Grigore Antipa and Emil Racoviță. The release will take place on June 1.

Starting from the stories of the explorers from the story-telling Romanians collection, we will bring children closer to the underwater world so loved by scientists. The first underwater photo in the world, taken by Louis Boutan, even captures the biologist Emil Racoviță in a diving suit, he was also the man who discovered the beaked whale in the legendary expedition to the South Pole, aboard the ship Belgica. Equally important are the achievements of the researcher Grigore Antipa, doctor in jellyfish, to whom we owe the legacy of over 2,000,000 exhibits of the museum in the center of Bucharest.

To enjoy the immersive experience, visitors will enter a space that will activate all their senses, helping them travel through time in a virtual underwater setting. Children will be able to choose and customize a 2D drawing, then scan it and, with the help of technology, their drawing will come to life in 3D on a lab wall. The border between the physical and digital worlds will transform the visit to the museum into an engaging, modern and educational experience.

The temporary exhibition is subject to the operating and organizational schedule of the “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History. The content is accessible for people with hearing impairment and is also translated into English.