The Generations program continues in 5 centers

• 5 school-by-school social centres continue intergenerational education projects

• 150 children will benefit from school support and vocational and personal development activities

• 40 seniors have the opportunity to sign up as volunteers in community centres

The Generations national program, implemented by The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation, continues in 2024 in 5 social centres in the localities of Bonțida, Blaj, Buziaș, Dezmir and Bucharest, with the support of Fundația Bosch. The Generation Centres will receive grants to develop their portfolio of educational activities and receive training and mentoring to begin leveraging local resources. For the third consecutive year, seniors are invited to join after-school social centres to provide homework support or get involved in educational activities organized for children in the community.

Five organizations, working in support of children from disadvantaged backgrounds in five different communities, will benefit from resources and knowledge to implement intergenerational education in social centres. The Generation Centres create a space where children and seniors have the opportunity to collaborate and become or resource for each other, thus increasing the quality of life and relationships. Capitalizing on their professional experience, talent and personal time, 40 seniors will be co-opted as volunteers, to get involved in educational, vocational or socialization activities, in support of 150 children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Generation Centres bring a new category of staff to social centres to support non-formal education; through senior volunteers, creates a rich portfolio of activities for the vocational and personal development of children and triggers a change in the way of thinking at the community level in which the potential of the elderly is identified and the role of the social center as social actors that have a valuable contribution in the community.

In order for the services to be more accessible and visible among the interested categories, but also better supported by the entire community, the staff of the centres will be involved in a training and mentor process through which they will build the necessary skills for the purpose of leveraging local resources.