Press release– Fundația Bosch România launches EduCare – an educational information hub for refugees from Ukraine

Bucharest – Fundația Bosch România, in partnership with, launches EduCare – an educational information hub for refugees from Ukraine

EduCare is a project of Fundația Bosch România in partnership with that provides correct information and data in the field of education, data obtained from official, verified sources. This educational information hub for refugee support will also include information about the activities or initiatives of organizations or entities that address this target group. The voice of the community will also be heard, because the interaction with the Ukrainian refugees must be real and natural.

According to official statistics, approximately 40,000 Ukrainian children are in Romania, most of them of school age. For these children, but also for their parents, it is particularly important to have continuous access to education, regardless of whether we are talking about formal, non-formal or informal education. There are a number of initiatives by the state authorities, but also by other private bodies, whose aim is to develop this context suitable for learning. EduCare aims to become an informational hub where all these initiatives, educational projects intended for children in Ukraine will be found. The information will be available in three languages ​​(Romanian, English, Ukrainian), so that it can be easily accessed by all interested actors. In the context generated by the war in Ukraine, Fundația Bosch România had an active contribution, responding promptly to calls for involvement from the Romanian authorities and NGOs. The foundation has developed partnerships with relevant actors in such emergency situations, allocating funds of over 80,000 euros.

“The effects of this emergency will be seen over time, and we knew from the beginning that it was important to have a centralization and coordination of all support initiatives to ensure that we meet the needs, not just the moment. Basically, EduCare will address the long-term needs of refugees from Ukraine by providing them with easy access to relevant, secure and centralized educational information. We thought about the development of an educational informational hub, as we see education as a key element that facilitates the integration of refugees“, declares Simona Beldiman, Excutive Director of Fundația Bosch România.

The effervescence of our authorities, high at the beginning of the crisis, seems to have reached its minimum point for some time regarding the support and attention given to refugees from Ukraine and especially to children, who were hit hardest by the Russian invasion of their country. The involvement of non-governmental organizations is a natural one, which fills, as in the case of many situations in our schools, the enormous gap left by the authorities. The involvement of a platform specialized in education information, such as, in the EduCare project is a natural one, through which we hope to reach refugee families in Ukraine with the information they need for school.,” said Mihai Peticilă, journalist and co-founder of