Children from Generations Centre from Bonțida visited the Bosch plant in Cluj

Fundația Bosch România emerged at the initiative of the Bosch Group in Romania, but considering its status as a non-governmental organization, the activity of the Foundation does not interfere with the corporate activity of the Bosch Group in Romania.

Within the Foundation, we will always unite our resources and positive energy for the benefit of the disadvantaged ones with the aim of generating changes for the better. This time, a joint action was organized for the benefit of the children from the Ștefan Emilian Day Centre in Bonțida, a school after school type centre supported by the Bosch Romania Foundation in partnership with the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation.

Children had the opportunity to visit the Bosch plant in Cluj  where they’ve been involved in a series of activities specially designed for them: they discovered the factory’s activity through a tour of the production area, they practiced their creativity in a workshop at the Bosch Cluj Dual School and made the sketches of a new Bosch plant in a drawing workshop. In addition to a way of spending free time in a pleasant way, the visit also meant the chance to have access to another reality, different from the everyday one.