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We supported the fifth edition of the Narrative Festival organized by The Curtea Veche Association. The festival took place between March 25-26, at the “Central School” National College in Bucharest. More than 1,000 children, aged between 7 and 14, participated free of charge in more than 100 educational workshops. Debate, acting, improvisation, comics, storytelling, creative writing, but also programming, ecology, astronomy, chemistry and physics or even financial education are among the workshops proposed during the Festival. Parents also had dedicated activities. Through the dialogues organized for them, they found out what are the best methods by which they can encourage the little ones to discover the joy of reading.

Through a partnership with the Narada and TVR, Fundația Bosch România supports the preparation of students who are on the threshold of the National Assessment exams. Starting from March 2023, all courses of the program “Teleșcoala”, broadcast on TVR 2 every day from Monday to Friday, from 15:30, will also be found on, together with the tests that evaluate the knowledge accumulated. Within Teleșcoala, the main topics covered in the National Assessment in Romanian and mathematics are widely discussed, and English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese language courses are also taught. This interactive content, adapted to the new generations of students, is filmed by a series of teachers from all over the country, with the support of the Fundația Bosch România.

“We have supported the Teleșcoala program since the beginning of this school year because we know how welcome additional access to quality educational content is. However, I felt that the learning process was not complete without the possibility for the students to test the knowledge they were assimilating. And that’s how an idea for this tripartite partnership emerged, which means a fact for students or an extra chance in preparing well for the National Assessment.”, Simona Beldiman, Executive Director, Fundația Bosch România.

As main partner, we support “Green Week in Romania”, the largest free national environmental education program, implemented by the Nature Talks Association.

For 3 months, between March 16 and June 11, more than 6,000 students of grades II-V, from 23 cities will participate in interactive environmental workshops, organized outdoors. Nature Talks trainers will travel across the country and meet dozens of classes of children.

The purpose of the “Green Week in Romanian” program is to give students the opportunity to participate for free in these environmental workshops in nature, where they will have the opportunity to go with trainers in botanical gardens, theme parks, nurseries, greenhouses or outdoor museums. During the workshops, students will learn in an interactive way notions about pollution, selective collection, recycling, energy efficiency, food waste and renewable energy sources.

The launch event took place at the Comic Opera for Children in Bucharest, and the students from School no. 309 were the first to take part in the environmental workshop.

The projects we finance benefit from our support in the medium and long term. Thus, we are also financing the 6th edition of the Șiințescu Timișoara program in 2023.

The Timișoara Community Foundation launched the Științescu Timișoara funding program dedicated to educational projects in the STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) which aims to cultivate the passion for these areas, for students from Timiș county, aged between 6-19 years. Now in its 6th edition, the program offers funding to the most creative project proposals for the education of the future.

Between February 6 and March 6, 2023, non-governmental organizations, schools and initiative groups (including groups of parents, teachers or groups of pupils and/or students) can submit projects to benefit from funding. The asset fund is currently estimated at 200,000 RON.

The winter holidays and, therefore, the gifts from Santa Claus are expected in better and more modern conditions by the 15 children/young people protected within the Family-type House in the Blaj community, a social service within the structure of the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection Alba, through the contribution of Fundația Bosch România.

Thus, the 5 rooms, the kitchen, the dining room, the counseling room, the hallways, 6 bathrooms, the outbuildings, but also the living room, within the residential center, were completely renovated and rearranged. Fundația Bosch România provided through a sponsorship whose value exceeds the sum of 41,000 lei the materials for the renovation and re-design of the family-type house, consisting of new parquet and everything that was needed to restore the floors, new furniture, new mattresses, new appliances (stove, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner), but also the accessories that ensure the design of the rooms, namely carpets, curtains and galleries, to which is added a TV and a floor lamp for the living room.

We emphasize that the renovation and modernization works were carried out with the help of volunteers from the Bosch Automotive Factory in Blaj who unconditionally offered all their help and skill to improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries in the residential center.

Also, Fundația Bosch România has contracted specialized psychological services that will be provided long-term to the residents of the family-type home, services that will help them in their personal development, decision-making and overcoming some traumas.

Generosity, altruism and charity are values ​​that are expressed through dedication, involvement, the desire to help the less fortunate, and the one who does good because he feels it is his duty, will be rewarded with the feeling that he has done what he must.

“We thank to Fundația Bosch România and the volunteers who were and are with the children/young people in the residential center and contributed to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere of the place that means <<home>> for them. Thank you for your sponsorship, involvement and for contributing to a change in the not-so-easy life of children/youths who do not have the chance to grow up in their biological family. True change in life starts, indeed, with their motivation and effort, but they need the generosity, altruism and goodwill of those around them to evolve and discover their potential, to become part of a responsible society that provides a chance for life, education and social integration for everyone.”, says the General Director of DGASPC Alba, Frăcea Valentin-Ioan.

“We got involved in this partnership motivated out of concern for the future. We know how important it is for these children and young people to receive the support they need to reach their full potential. We trust them and know that they will manage to overcome the less happy events, the shortcomings they faced. Through the EduCare umbrella program, Fundația Bosch România will support such initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for children deprived of family care and living in public or private residential institutions.“, Simona Beldiman, Executive Director, Fundația Bosch România.

Fundația Bosch România supports sustainable initiatives in the field of education with an emphasis on guaranteeing and increasing access to education. This school year, we stand together with children and young people who are hospitalized in 2 oncological clinics on the Fundeni platform. Within the Together for education project, the P.A.V.E.L. Association provides access to education for 200 children and young people, patients with oncological diseases or serious somatic diseases/chronic diseases. Thus, elementary education activities, play therapy, occupational therapy for preschool children and children/adolescents who left school early will be organized. All these activities will take into account the assessment of the psychosocial and educational needs of the beneficiaries. Also, parents or relatives will be supported by organizing individual sessions or support groups.

Through the “Family Recharge Weekend”, Fundația Bosch România together with Yuppi Camp, offered not only children (0-18 years) suffering from cancer, diabetes or other autoimmune diseases, but also their families common adventures and healing experiences: a “miracle pill” of quality family time to ease the daily hardships of living with a chronic illness, indirectly contributing to improved health.

For these 2 days (September 24-25) spent at the campsite near Săulia, Mureș county, outdoor activities (climbing, canoeing, archery) and indoor activities have been designed, for both adults and children. Psychologists, trainers and Yuppi Camp volunteers helped 10 families to mentally distance themselves from the daily struggle with the disease, and rather play together, (re)discover the family’s internal resources, and share experiences with other families in similar situations.

Bucharest – Fundația Bosch România, in partnership with, launches EduCare – an educational information hub for refugees from Ukraine

EduCare is a project of Fundația Bosch România in partnership with that provides correct information and data in the field of education, data obtained from official, verified sources. This educational information hub for refugee support will also include information about the activities or initiatives of organizations or entities that address this target group. The voice of the community will also be heard, because the interaction with the Ukrainian refugees must be real and natural.

According to official statistics, approximately 40,000 Ukrainian children are in Romania, most of them of school age. For these children, but also for their parents, it is particularly important to have continuous access to education, regardless of whether we are talking about formal, non-formal or informal education. There are a number of initiatives by the state authorities, but also by other private bodies, whose aim is to develop this context suitable for learning. EduCare aims to become an informational hub where all these initiatives, educational projects intended for children in Ukraine will be found. The information will be available in three languages ​​(Romanian, English, Ukrainian), so that it can be easily accessed by all interested actors. In the context generated by the war in Ukraine, Fundația Bosch România had an active contribution, responding promptly to calls for involvement from the Romanian authorities and NGOs. The foundation has developed partnerships with relevant actors in such emergency situations, allocating funds of over 80,000 euros.

“The effects of this emergency will be seen over time, and we knew from the beginning that it was important to have a centralization and coordination of all support initiatives to ensure that we meet the needs, not just the moment. Basically, EduCare will address the long-term needs of refugees from Ukraine by providing them with easy access to relevant, secure and centralized educational information. We thought about the development of an educational informational hub, as we see education as a key element that facilitates the integration of refugees“, declares Simona Beldiman, Excutive Director of Fundația Bosch România.

The effervescence of our authorities, high at the beginning of the crisis, seems to have reached its minimum point for some time regarding the support and attention given to refugees from Ukraine and especially to children, who were hit hardest by the Russian invasion of their country. The involvement of non-governmental organizations is a natural one, which fills, as in the case of many situations in our schools, the enormous gap left by the authorities. The involvement of a platform specialized in education information, such as, in the EduCare project is a natural one, through which we hope to reach refugee families in Ukraine with the information they need for school.,” said Mihai Peticilă, journalist and co-founder of

Our care for the environment translates into supporting educational projects dedicated to children. They are the least responsible for environmental degradation, but the most affected by the future negative effects.

We support Călăuzele Deltei – educational program for children from Tulcea and the Danube Delta which represented an important activity of the Ivan Patzaichin Festival held between September 5 – 10, 2022. “Călăuzele Deltei” are the children who built wooden boats in natural size with their own hands and with which they explore the Delta to learn as much as possible about these places. In years to come, with their passion for nature and accumulated knowledge, they will be able to become guides for visitors to the Delta. There are children who come from Mila 23, Sulina, Sfântu Gheorghe, Chilia Veche and Piscu (Ilfov county).

Fundația Bosch România emerged at the initiative of the Bosch Group in Romania, but considering its status as a non-governmental organization, the activity of the Foundation does not interfere with the corporate activity of the Bosch Group in Romania.

Within the Foundation, we will always unite our resources and positive energy for the benefit of the disadvantaged ones with the aim of generating changes for the better. This time, a joint action was organized for the benefit of the children from the Ștefan Emilian Day Centre in Bonțida, a school after school type centre supported by the Bosch Romania Foundation in partnership with the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation.

Children had the opportunity to visit the Bosch plant in Cluj  where they’ve been involved in a series of activities specially designed for them: they discovered the factory’s activity through a tour of the production area, they practiced their creativity in a workshop at the Bosch Cluj Dual School and made the sketches of a new Bosch plant in a drawing workshop. In addition to a way of spending free time in a pleasant way, the visit also meant the chance to have access to another reality, different from the everyday one.