We act out of concern for the future of the Romanian society.

We are a non-governmental organization, created at the initiative of the Bosch Group in Romania, with the aim of developing a framework suitable for the expansion of its social responsibility actions.  Since its establishment in 2020, we have set the objective of generating changes for the better for the most disadvantaged, but also for the society. Given the status of a non-governmental organization, whose primary role is a social one, the activity of the Foundation does not interfere with the corporate activity of the Bosch Group in Romania.

Our mission is to create social change for the future. In our initiatives and projects, we continuously address social challenges, joining forces with other relevant actors and leveraging resources.

We set out with the desire to contribute to shaping the future for the better, but always in relation to the past. Even Robert Bosch, founder of Robert Bosch GmbH, has left us an important legacy as a starting point in developing philanthropic thinking and acting.

„Nu uita niciodată umanitatea ta și respectă demnitatea umană în relațiile cu ceilalți.”
(din: anon., „Robert Bosch zu den heutigen Wirtschaftskämpfen”, Bosch-Zünder, 2 (1920), p. 189)
„Intenția mea este, în afară de atenuarea tuturor tipurilor de greutăți, să promovez dezvoltarea morală, fizică și intelectuală a oamenilor.”
(din: Ghidurile lui Robert Bosch pentru Vermögensverwaltung Bosch GmbH (VVB), 19 iulie 1935, § 27)

Responsibility and sustainability

We act responsibly in everything we do. We think of the most disadvantaged among us, as well as of society. We are involved in sustainable initiatives that bring added value to society.

Initiative and determination

Our goal is to generate change for the better and therefore we take on and pursue this goal with determination.


We appreciate and encourage the diversity we look at, especially from the perspective of inclusion