A partenership in favor of Romanian students

Through a partnership with the Narada and TVR, Fundația Bosch România supports the preparation of students who are on the threshold of the National Assessment exams. Starting from March 2023, all courses of the program “Teleșcoala”, broadcast on TVR 2 every day from Monday to Friday, from 15:30, will also be found on Naradix.ro, together with the tests that evaluate the knowledge accumulated. Within Teleșcoala, the main topics covered in the National Assessment in Romanian and mathematics are widely discussed, and English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese language courses are also taught. This interactive content, adapted to the new generations of students, is filmed by a series of teachers from all over the country, with the support of the Fundația Bosch România.

“We have supported the Teleșcoala program since the beginning of this school year because we know how welcome additional access to quality educational content is. However, I felt that the learning process was not complete without the possibility for the students to test the knowledge they were assimilating. And that’s how an idea for this tripartite partnership emerged, which means a fact for students or an extra chance in preparing well for the National Assessment.”, Simona Beldiman, Executive Director, Fundația Bosch România.