Press release- Fundația Bosch România & DGASPC Alba: a long-term partnership

The winter holidays and, therefore, the gifts from Santa Claus are expected in better and more modern conditions by the 15 children/young people protected within the Family-type House in the Blaj community, a social service within the structure of the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection Alba, through the contribution of Fundația Bosch România.

Thus, the 5 rooms, the kitchen, the dining room, the counseling room, the hallways, 6 bathrooms, the outbuildings, but also the living room, within the residential center, were completely renovated and rearranged. Fundația Bosch România provided through a sponsorship whose value exceeds the sum of 41,000 lei the materials for the renovation and re-design of the family-type house, consisting of new parquet and everything that was needed to restore the floors, new furniture, new mattresses, new appliances (stove, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner), but also the accessories that ensure the design of the rooms, namely carpets, curtains and galleries, to which is added a TV and a floor lamp for the living room.

We emphasize that the renovation and modernization works were carried out with the help of volunteers from the Bosch Automotive Factory in Blaj who unconditionally offered all their help and skill to improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries in the residential center.

Also, Fundația Bosch România has contracted specialized psychological services that will be provided long-term to the residents of the family-type home, services that will help them in their personal development, decision-making and overcoming some traumas.

Generosity, altruism and charity are values ​​that are expressed through dedication, involvement, the desire to help the less fortunate, and the one who does good because he feels it is his duty, will be rewarded with the feeling that he has done what he must.

“We thank to Fundația Bosch România and the volunteers who were and are with the children/young people in the residential center and contributed to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere of the place that means <<home>> for them. Thank you for your sponsorship, involvement and for contributing to a change in the not-so-easy life of children/youths who do not have the chance to grow up in their biological family. True change in life starts, indeed, with their motivation and effort, but they need the generosity, altruism and goodwill of those around them to evolve and discover their potential, to become part of a responsible society that provides a chance for life, education and social integration for everyone.”, says the General Director of DGASPC Alba, Frăcea Valentin-Ioan.

“We got involved in this partnership motivated out of concern for the future. We know how important it is for these children and young people to receive the support they need to reach their full potential. We trust them and know that they will manage to overcome the less happy events, the shortcomings they faced. Through the EduCare umbrella program, Fundația Bosch România will support such initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for children deprived of family care and living in public or private residential institutions.“, Simona Beldiman, Executive Director, Fundația Bosch România.