Redirect 2% 

Redirect 2% 

You can do good at no cost.  Each year, you can redirect up to 3,5% of your income tax to an NGO. It is your right to decide how this money can be used and gives you the opportunity to support a cause you believe in.

If you do not fill out the Form 230 for the benefit of an NGO, the entire amount of your income tax will go to the state budget.

The deadline for the form submission is 25 May 2022.

What are the steps to redirect up to 3,5% of your income tax?

  1. Fill out Form 230 with your personal data and sign it.
  2. Send the form by post, with a letter of recommendation, to the Financial Administration you belong to with your address (check here).
  3. Submit the form online, through the ANAF service “ Virtual private space” or “e-governance”.
  4. The Financial Administration will process Form 230 and may send you a letter informing you that you have completed 230 Form.
  5. The financial administration will calculate the amount of income tax that can be redirected to an NGO and transfer this amount to its account.